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Randy Curtis purchased the Fugitive Corvette wheelstander in 1974. Campaigning the car until April 1979, he unfortunately crashed a rebuilt version of the same car on its maiden pass. Randy was one of the early barnstorming wheelstand drivers traveling the country thrilling fans with 2 wheel, side by side match races with class legends such as Bill Golden, Gary Watson, and Bob Perry.

There were several versions of the “Fugitive Corvette” wheelstander. Bob Perry’s original versions paved the way for the strong popularity enjoyed by its namesake which Curtis campaigned in the late 1970’s. Though actively raced for several years in the southern United States, East coast and into Canada, photos of the patriotic red, white, and blue version of the Fugitive Corvette are rarely seen. Wheelstanding aficionados and drag racing nostalgics readily recall the car and particularly the showmanship displayed under the control of Randy Curtis.

The last incarnation to date of the original “Fugitive Corvette” wheelstander has but one photo, while still in one piece. This rare photo reveals the sleek, silver and black paint scheme Curtis employed to conceal the totally new, redesigned wheel stander specifically built to challenge existing speed and ET records. The photo (listed in photo section) was taken only a few minutes before the freak accident in Baltimore, MD.

Nearly 30 years have passed and Randy Curtis has continued in the high performance field, spending many of the last 3 decades building, testing and tuning race performance engines for other clients. Over the years, he’s drag raced intermittently in sportsman classes, but always had the underlying desire to reenter the exhibition class of wheel stand racing.

As of this date, the “Fugitive Corvette” is being reborn again. Partially for the challenge of rebuilding the car, partially out of patriotism, and partially to satisfy a longstanding itch, Randy Curtis has nearly completed the chassis work on the 2008 version. The Corvette will sport a new patriotic paint scheme in keeping with the times and in honor of those serving our country, while keeping most of the traditional body lines. Nostalgia racers and fans keep an eye out for a blast from the past in the 2008-2009 racing season.

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